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Group Counseling Services

Optimal Treatment Through Feedback

It is very important for a person to address anxiety, depression, and other psychosocial problems and to seek appropriate help from professionals. This is to prevent these communication issues from hampering your ability to live a normal and healthy life. Research shows that one effective way of dealing with these issues is to process it with individuals who are going through the same struggles, and face your fears and anxieties with the help of your group-mate’s feedback. For group therapy and group counseling in Lafayette, LA, do not hesitate to contact Biltmore Health Services. We can help you get back on the road to your personal growth.

Friends at a playground

Group Therapy and Its Benefits:

  • A group can provide a much-needed sense of not being alone in one's struggles
  • A group provides a safe "laboratory" to work on problems
  • Groups are confidential: what is said in a group stays in the group

Talk to Us About Counseling Services

A lot of people seek therapy at some point in their lives, and that’s ok. Wanting to acquire better interpersonal and social skills is normal, and is highly encouraged to maintain functionality in a society. Whatever your concerns or issues are, we can help you start your recovery right away. We want you to get better, and go over and beyond your concerns. Contact us at 337-232-9457 for more information about our counseling services.

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